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Step by Step Guide to Create an Angular Project

This is the Angular project development blog. If you are new to Angular then do not worry, I will be posting more about angular and angular related videos on my youtube channel. Now In this blog, we are going to see how to create a new Angular Project from scratch with step by step procedure.

Software Requirements:


Visual Studio Code

In order to get started with Angular Project you need to first install Node.Js and Visual Studio Code. So if you have not installed both of them, then visit the link above and install them.

Step 1:

Open your command prompt and install Angular CLI. To install it copy and paste the below code:-

npm install –g @angular/cli

Also you can see the screenshot below.

angular cli installation

Step 2:

Now if you have installed the Angular CLI then you can write another command which is also given below:

ng new <project-name>

<project-name> is anything that you want your project name to be. This Also see the screenshot below.

ng new command

This will ask you, about routing, Routing means navigation between two different pages, If you want then type “Y”.

routing in angular

And again it will ask you to choose the styling option. If you want to change then use arrow keys to Up and Down. I would like to go with CSS. And after you hit “Enter” button then it will create a project for you. It takes some time because it install “node_modules”. Depending on your internet connection it takes time.

successfully installed angular project

Successfully the project in install.

Step 3:

Now go to the folder where you installed the project. The project folder looks like this. Now type “cmd” in project file path as shown in given picture and hit enter. Then you will see a command prompt.

project folder path

Step 4:

Now type “code .” and hit enter, this open your current project in Visual Studio Code. It is the visual studio code shortcut key to open any project.

visual studio code

Click on “Yes, I Trust the authors” button.

Step 5:

Again go to same command prompt where you entered “code .” command. Now type “ng serve --o”. This will open the default project in your browser. This also will take a little time.

angular ng serve

Now you have finally created an Angular Project. Output is visible in your browser.

angular default project

For more angular related topic stay tuned to this blog. Thanks for watching the blog. Hope you have learned something new. Keep sharing and supporting.

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