How to Download Udemy Courses Using Chrome Extension

 How to Download Udemy Courses  Using Chrome Extension

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What is Udemy?

How Udemy Works?


How to Download Udemy Video to your PC Using Chrome Extension?

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What is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning website that has more than 130,000 online courses. The platform is a great option if you want to develop a particular skill. The different categories of courses on the site include:

  • ·       Business
  • ·       Development
  • ·       IT and software
  • ·       Finance and accounting
  • ·       Teaching and academics
  • ·       Personal development
  • ·       Design
  • ·       Marketing
  • ·       Lifestyle
  • ·       Health and fitness
  • ·       Music, and
  • ·       Photography and video

How Udemy Works?

Here are the things you need to know about using Udemy:

1.       You Can Learn Lots of Skills on the Platform

Udemy has courses that are taught by professionals throughout the world. There are different categories with numerous courses that you can choose from. As a result, you will find something that you can learn on Udemy.

2.     Udemy Makes Learning Affordable

You can find courses that are as cheap as $20 on Udemy. Also, there are lots of promotional coupon codes that can help you get discounts on courses that cost hundreds of dollars.

The coupon codes can give you access to expensive courses for as cheap as $10.

3.     You Can Learn Whenever You Want

If you find any course that you like on Udemy, you can sign up for the course whenever you’re ready. You can listen to lectures, download study files, complete exercises, and also discuss your course with your fellow students and instructors.

4.     Showcase Your Achievement

When you complete an Udemy course, you will be given a certificate of achievement which you can share with others. This will add more value to your resume. You can even use this to show that you’re progressing towards some technical certifications.


Are there free courses on Udemy?

Yes, there are lots of free courses on Udemy. Udemy has over 500 free courses on different topics such as introductory photography, time management, game development, and public speaking amongst others.

Although free courses don’t issue certificates, they can be a good way for you to learn new topics.


What are the pros of Udemy?

Some of the pros that make Udemy a great online learning platform include the following:

Its prices are affordable.

It offers a wide range of courses and a huge range of languages.

Udemy offers lifetime access and is also easy to use.

Learning on the platform is easy since it does not have deadlines.

Instructors can also use different strategies to increase their online course engagement.

What is Udemy used for?

Udemy allows instructors to create online courses on topics of their choice. By using the development platform that the platform offers, instructors can upload PowerPoint presentations, videos, ZIP files, audio, PDFs, and live classes.

Are Udemy certificates useful?

Udemy issues certificates so that users can demonstrate their accomplishments. However, since the platform is not an accredited institution, you cannot use the certificates for formal accreditation.

How to Download Udemy Video to your PC Using Chrome Extension?

Step 1:

First of all download the chrome extension give in the link here.

Download Extension here: Link

Step 2:

After downloading extract the files. As shown in image below:

how to download udemy courses

Step 3:

Now go to google chrome and click on manage extension. As shown in image below:

how to download udemy courses

Step 4:

Enable Developer options. As shown in image below:

how to download udemy courses

Step 5:

Drag and Drop the extracted file to the chrome extension. As shown in image below:

how to download udemy courses

Step 6:

Now your extension is added successfully. Now sign in with your Udemy account and download your purchased courses.

how to download udemy courses






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